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Large Shoulder Trigger Point Pillow

Large Shoulder Trigger Point Pillow

Therapeutically designed to relieve pain and tension in the neck and shoulders, this pillow can be used warmed or chilled. Soothing warmth combined with the gentle acupressure melt away the daily stresses. Specifically contoured to rest on your shoulders.

reduce pain
increase muscle relaxation
gentle conforming weight & compression
reduce tight chest or neck areas
reduce stress and tension in shoulders, hips & back
Created with a fully therapeutic focus, this shape relieves pain and tension in the shoulders and neck. This means it is not designed to hang on the back of your neck. This ‘forward-pull’ would simply increase neck and shoulder pain. Our Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow™ is meant to drape evenly over your shoulders. The weight in this position will gently relax all neck and shoulder muscles and create gentle acupressure on the tender-points. This pillow offers therapeutic weight and is easily incorporated into your stretch therapy for various parts of your body. CHILL for painful swelling, ‘hot flashes’ or general cool-down. With removable washable cover 18″ x  15 ” approx 3.8 pounds.

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